For the past 8 years, Nantucket has been my home and year round source of artistic inspiration – from the incredible seascapes and landscapes to the local shops and festival weekends unique to this magical island. Thanks to the vibrant, entrepreneurial culture on Nantucket, I have been able to use my artistic talent in a variety of exciting new ways. I have collaborated with other island entrepreneurs to bring my one-of-a-kind designs to shoes, apparel, home decor, clothing, furniture, murals, and recently, the healthy beverage space. Have a project you would like to collaborate on? Just want to talk art and Nantucket? I’m the island artist you’re looking for, and I would love to hear from you!


Hi! I’m Allison Reisinger Durbin

Allison Reisinger works with Meredith as her left hand gal. Allison fell in love with the magic of Nantucket with her family years ago, and that love has only grown. As a classically trained violinist and educator, her passion for artists and entrepreneurs led her to Meredith’s incredible work. Allison helps the Meredith Hanson Art + Design team with behind the scene operations and projects, while also providing ear scratches for Mr. Willis.

Hi! I’m Sarah Caplan


I work with Meredith as her right hand gal. I met Meredith on Nantucket six years ago when I was one of her first art students. Having painted alongside Meredith ever since, I am now learning what it takes to operate and run Meredith Hanson Art + Design. I assist Meredith with some of her projects, photoshoots, and everything else in between. I am a seasonal Nantucket resident and have been coming to the island for 11 years. As a painter I believe there is no better way to be inspired then to surround yourself with inspiring people. Every day I am motivated by the beauty and character of this wonderful island, Nantucket. Whether it’s painting, crafting, or assisting, I love every aspect of my work.

Follow my creative journey on instagram @sarah.caplan.artistry