Meredith Hanson   X    Beau and Ro

Sara Rossi, a talented designer, Beau and Ro business owner, and a great friend, called me in early 2017 to talk about an opportunity to collaborate together. Through a unique process, Sara was able to take photos of my gouache artwork, edit the images, create textile patterns and print the designs right onto the various leathers used to create one-of-kind clutches and totes.   The collection is sold in Skinny Dip Nantucket,  Skinny Dip Charleston, and online at


M E R E D I T H  H A N S O N   X   S K I N N Y  D I P  C H A R L E S T O N

Shortly after Sara Rossi and I finished putting together our Beau and Ro x MH Watercolor Collection, we put our heads together on another collaboration. Sara and fellow business partner, Taylor Ellsworth, opened their second "Skinny Dip" store location on King Street in Charleston, SC.  Sara and Taylor commissioned me to paint a live mural of "Rainbow Row" during their Preview Party in late March.



M E R E D I T H   H A N S O N    X   N A N T U C K E T   S O L E

Nantucket Sole designer and founder, Marla Sanford, and I teamed up during the 2017 summer season on Nantucket to create the ultimate custom hand-painted sandals! We held our first event at a local store in downtown Nantucket — leather, canvas and suede sandals were purchased and I got right to painting on them!  Over the next few weeks, 60+ pairs of sandals were individually painted from a variety of island themes requested by the purchasers. Marla and I held our second event the following month - another great success! Over 100 pairs of sandals were painted and sold throughout the course of the summer. Following on our success, Marla and I launched a limited edition collection which sold out in a single day.  



M E R E D I T H    H A N S O N     X     M I L L Y   &   G R A C E

Visionary business owner and friend, Emily Hollister, and I teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind hand-painted backdrop for a fun and festive 4th of July store display! 



M E R E D I T H   H A N S O N    X    T O W N P O O L

Town Pool founders, Luke Gutelius and Sean Dew, commissioned me in 2016 for several exciting projects. In one week, I transformed their store staircase into a fun landscape mural of the Brant Point Lighthouse. The next project was to paint a mural inspired by Nathaniel Pillbrick's novel, In the Heart of the Sea. I painted the scene of the monstrous whale right before it rammed and sank the Essex whaleship. 



M E R E D I T H   H A N S O N      X     G O  F I G U R E   B A R R E   S T U D I O S

Fitness guru and owner of Go Figure Barre Studios, Christina Schwefel, reached out to me in 2015 to discuss an exciting partnership opportunity. Christina commissioned me to paint the "Sugar Plum Palace” backdrop for the second act of the Nutcracker performance which Go Figure sponsors every year during Stroll Weekend on Nantucket. Over a two month period, I painted a 15' x 24' muslin canvas backdrop and a 12' Christmas tree for the play. The show and the backdrop were both great successes! Go Figure Barre Studios has used the backdrop in every performance since.